Sir Ratan Tata Trust-Health Programme
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Sir Ratan Tata Trust


Name of grant programme


Health Programme




The Sir Ratan Tata Trust was founded in 1919. From its inception in 1919 until the mid-1990s, The Sir Ratan Tata Trust mainly provided funding to initiatives in Bombay. However, since the mid-90s the trust has expanded its geographical scope substantially and is now funding initiatives all over India.


The Health Programme aims to address gaps in the Indian health system, and to contribute to an overall improvement to the country’s health care delivery services.


Types of grant




Grant size

Determined on a case-by-case basis, previous health projects have received grants ranging between INR 7 million and INR 13 million.


Own Contribution


The grant covers 80 - 90% of the project costs.


Funding Priorities


The Funding Priorities for this programme are:


Ø  Reproductive Health Care

Ø  Infectious diseases

Ø  Non-communicable diseases

Ø  Disabilities

Ø  Human resource strengthening in the health system

Ø  Environment


Eligibility Criteria


Eligible applicants are registered Non-GovernmentalOrganisations in India who can work in a strategic partnership with the fund.




The strategic plan for the Health Portfolio of Sir Ratan Tata Trust in India can be downloaded from the website at http://www.srtt.org/institutional_grants/health/strategy_paper.htm


Project Duration


The project duration is determined on a case-by-case basis. However, most projects funded have had an implementation period of three years.




Applications can be sent in at any time of the year.


Application Forms


There are no application forms; applications in all formats are accepted.


Application and Procedures


To apply for funding from the Ratan Tata Trust, an organisation must simply write an application with expected activities, outcomes and required budget and send it in by mail to the Trust’s Head Office (see address below).







As the Trust does not provide applicants with any guidelines or application forms, make sure to read the Trust’s strategic plan for health and model your project outcomes according to this. To ensure that you have included all information necessary in your application, it is advisable to contact the Trust and ask them for guidance.




Official name


Sir Ratan Tata Trust




+91 22 6665 8282











Sir Ratan Tata Trust

Bombay House

24, Homi Mody Street

Mumbai 400 001, India


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